Data when you need IT(tm)

HawkPoint Technologies™ Business Intelligence

Track your operations and evaluate specific workflow processes with our HawkPoint Technologies™ Reporting Dashboard. Our reporting tools allow you to monitor and track all key aspects of your company helping you visualize trends, goals and comparisons within your company.

  • Real-Time machine monitoring
  • Key performances for individual manufacturing lines
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Productivity by operator or shift

Our reporting dashboard generates easy-to- analyze charts and graphs that capture critical, real-time shop floor data. You can manage general operations or evaluate particular performances, sales, scrap, safety, quality or inventory from virtually anywhere at any time.

Our HawkPoint Technologies™ Reporting dashboard can stand-alone or be bundled together with our Shop Floor Software, Paper Converting Software and IT Services & Support management components. We offer a fully integrated software suite designed to perform effectively within your manufacturing environment. HawkPoint Technologies will help control cost, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Make your business more profitable with HawkPoint Technologies. To increase productivity with HawkPoint Technologies™ Reporting Dashboard System, call us today at 800-882-0253.