Data when you need IT(tm)


What is HawkPoint Converting Software?

HawkPoint Converting Software is a web-based shop floor planning and inventory control system that helps monitor and simplify the workflow of your entire manufacturing process.

What is HawkPoint Shopfloor (MES)?

HawkPoint Shopfloor is a real-time, easy-to- use, job tracking software program that allows planners to have an accurate and instant view of production and capacity.

What are the server requirements for HawkPoint Converting Software, Scanners and Shopfloor?


How can I download or print HawkPoint Converting Software documentation?

Within the HawkPoint Converting Software, click on the about us and click HELP.

How is training conducted for HawkPoint Converting Software, Scanners and Shopfloor?

On-Site Training (office and floor training) and Remote Training are available.

Can HawkPoint Software Suite be connected to our current ERP?

Yes HawkPoint Converting Software currently connects to SAGE and QuickBooks

What is the installation process for HawkPoint Software Suite?

The installation process can be done all at once or in phases based on what modules are purchased. HawkPoint team member(s) will work with your company and see what fits based upon short term and long term goals and timeline.

How can I see if the HawkPoint Software Suite would be a good fit for my company?

Call 800-882- 0253 and schedule a HawkPoint Software Suite demo.

Does it matter if we send our computer backups offsite?

Yes, backups are needed because of accidental deletion or single hardware failure. In these cases, local-only backups will probably be fine. In the event of theft, fire or natural disaster, the local backup will likely be damaged, leaving you with no way to recover your important business and financial data. Offsite backups help to protect you from disasters, large and small. However, backups are only one piece of the Disaster Recovery puzzle. A plan should be written, implemented and regularly tested to ensure you are ready if something happens. Plan ahead and work to prevent the disaster.

Are there risks in allowing employees to administer their own computer?

YES! Administrator rights on a business network allow employees to alter their systems and install programs. These alterations can cause issues with individual PCs or even cause downtime. All programs must be properly licensed to be installed on a business network and should be installed by a professional.

How often should we be replacing our computer equipment?

We recommend replacing PC equipment about every four years, servers every three years and networking appliances every five or six years. Engineering PCs will likely need to be replaced more often. Speak with HawkPoint’s trained consultants to determine when it’s time for you to upgrade.

We buy our computer and network equipment from a local retailer as we need it. Is there a problem with that?

Business and manufacturing environments require professional-grade operating systems, hardware and security. Professional equipment will provide productivity savings and enhanced security.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing means that the data and services you use are housed offsite, likely in a data center, and are accessed through the Internet.

If my network goes down for a week, we can always write everything by hand, right?

Most companies can no longer go back to hand writing invoices or sending letters to customers. Business today requires email, the internet and complex systems for managing production, accounting and day-to-day operations.

What benefit is there to working with a Managed Services provider versus hiring our own IT person?

Managed Services carries about the same cost as hiring a single, entry-level IT professional. That employee could probably provide onsite support and general maintenance for your business systems. HawkPoint’s Managed Services provides 24/7/365 support and maintenance for your business, regardless of vacations, personnel changes or skill-levels required. We have an entire staff of trained IT professionals who are capable of maintaining your systems and supporting the most complex issues. Why hire one support person when you can work with an entire team of IT experts?

Our employees listen to the local radio station on their company PC. Is this affecting our network or Internet speeds?

Yes…listening to the radio over the Internet or utilizing any video streaming services uses a lot of bandwidth. This means that the individual listening to the local channel is taking network and/or Internet speeds away from legitimate business functions like email, online banking and other business web services. Blocking or prioritizing-down these streaming services will help keep traffic flowing smoothly and will keep your employees productive.