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Digital Marketing

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At HawkPoint Technologies (HawkPoint), technology is a lifestyle. We don’t “do” technology for a living. Technology is part of who we are as people. Our employees were partially raised by Bruce Wayne and Steve Jobs (Bill Gates for the kids on the other side of the tracks). We build servers for fun, develop complex applications for breakfast and solve business technology problems in our sleep. This isn’t a job, it’s a lifelong adventure, wherein tech, business, problem-solving and invention all work and play together in harmony.

What a bunch of nerds, right? Perhaps in the 1980s but today everyone has a computer in their pocket and their personal data is shared amongst cyber-criminals like hors d’evours at a cocktail party. Businesses move at a lightning pace and are driven by technology solutions. Anyone believing that a modern business can survive without tech is more outdated than Poindexter’s taped-glasses.

HawkPoint has the tech and business expertise. What we need is some help spreading the word. After a lot of Googling, we came up with the title of Digital Marketing. That title does seem to be a bit incomplete and maybe you can help with that. Are we looking for a “specialist”, “assistant” or “manager”? I guess that depends on the individual sliding into the role. Here’s the job:

This job is mostly marketing with a pinch of digital/social lead generation. We need constant content, updated to our website and across social media. Articles, photos, videos, funny posts, informative blog updates, insights, questions, you name it, we need it created and shared with the world.

Ideally, our marketing champion will have:

  • An exceptionally high attention to detail. (This one is first for a reason)
  • The ability to work at a fast-pace, independently, with a focus on results.
  • Genuine interest in technology (IT/software) and in “how things work” for tech and business/manufacturing. You don’t need to be an expert, just need to be interested and not be afraid of it.
  • The ability to recognize patterns and navigate grey areas to understand requests.
  • A positive and approachable (in the digital sense) attitude but not cute or unprofessional. There is a line to walk and you should know that line well enough to know when you can cross it.
  • The ability to ask the right questions and juggle busy schedules to acquire information.
  • Top notch social media knowledge. Know the sites and the best methods, times, etc. to be effective.
  • The ability to create authentic content
  • Excellent communication skills, written and otherwise.
  • The ability to communicate with targeted leads over email and/or social media.

It would also be pretty cool if you have:

  • Graphic Design experience
  • Web design skills (currently WordPress)
  • A good eye for what is attractive and/or sounds good/reads well.
  • Photography/video/writing/design experience

Big picture, we don’t really care about specific education or experience, but you should have something to show for what you can do. Degree in Marketing, cool. Online portfolio or community experience, sweet. We don’t care what you’ve done, as long as you’ve done something.

You’ve made it to the bottom, so you must be interested. Send a resume and cover letter to

HawkPoint provides a fair and equal employment opportunity for all associates and job applicants regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability and we welcome applications from any/all suitably qualified candidates.