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Heather Ott Joins HawkPoint Technologies as Business Development Partner

In the world of business, you have sales people and you have partners. I have worked with both and I prefer partners. Here is why:

Partners understand and are genuinely enthusiastic about the products or services they are associated with. Their endgame is miles down the road from you buying anything. Has my product made your life easier? Are you happy? Those are the questions that drive a partner. The Business Development Partners I have worked with in the past are still my partners today. Whether we are still able to work together today or even if we are competitors, I will always recommend them to business colleagues and will always call them first for services, products or advice. Partners are long term relationships. Partners are friends. Partners are what you want.

With all that said, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome Heather Ott to the HawkPoint team as our Business Development Partner. Heather comes to HawkPoint with over twelve years of Business Development experience and a proven history of customer satisfaction. Heather starts every day with a smile and her positivity is nothing short of infectious. She is genuine, professional and is focused on taking care of HawkPoint’s customers. As a one-time customer of Heather’s and in her short time with HawkPoint, I can see that she shares our dream of helping businesses succeed.

If you are struggling with underperforming technology or need some assistance moving your business forward, contact Heather. I guarantee you will be glad you did.

Heather Ott
Business Development Partner
HawkPoint Technologies
(920) 882-8720 x703

Please join me in welcoming Heather Ott to HawkPoint.




Scott Tornio
Vice President
HawkPoint Technologies

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