Data when you need IT(tm)

HawkPoint Technologies™ Shop Floor

Improve your productivity by gaining visibility to real-time data. Our shop floor program interfaces with your existing manufacturing processes to achieve high efficiencies with maximum uptime. This powerful, easy-to- implement, job tracking software uses automated machine interfacing to collect real-time shop floor data on critical manufacturing processes – along with accurately measuring manufacturing processes. Apply cost-saving improvement practices that impact your bottom line with:

  • Operator / Job Performance
  • Real-Time Metrics
  • Material Consumption & Production
  • Custom Labeling
  • Job / Product Code Costing
  • Scrap Analysis

Our HawkPoint Technologies™ Shop Floor program can stand-alone or be bundled together with our Converting Software, Dashboard Reporting and IT Services & Support management components. We offer a fully integrated software suite designed to perform effectively within your manufacturing environment. HawkPoint Technologies will help control cost, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Call us today at 800-882-0253 to automate real-time shop floor data with HawkPoint Technologies™ Shop Floor. For more information call 800-882-0253.